• LED T8 Tube
LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube

  • 60/90/120/150cm
  • 9~48W
  • 2700~6500k Ra>80
  • 2 years warranty
  • Product description: LED Tube AlwaysON Tube are designed to replace linear fluorescent lamps with T8 cartridge and allow the use of the best properties of LEDs: high energy value, focus, high CRI value and durability. Des

LED Tube AlwaysON Tube

It is  designed to replace linear fluorescent lamps with T8 cartridge and allow the use of the best properties of LEDs: high energy value, focus, high CRI value and durability. Design classic-style lamps allows to upgrade existing lighting systems by minimal cash outlay, or in the production of LED lamps on the basis of the standard fittings for the different areas. They have a standard G13 base for installation

vandal-resistant Payback 12 months. OSRAM LEDs Aluminium case Glass Material - Polycarbonate Service Certification of the Russian Federation

Technical and economic characteristics AlwayON T8 Tube

Characteristic Tube 600 Tube 1200 Tube 1500
Luminous Flux (lm) * 800 1600 2500
Supply voltage (V) AC 90~250V AC 90~250V 6AC 90~250V
Power max (watts) 8 16 29
Current consumption (mA) 100/150 200/300 300/400
glow temperature (K) For 4700-5300 For 4700-5300 For 4700-5300
Color Rendering Index (the R a ) 85 85 85
Angle 2Q 1/2 (deg) 120 120 120
protection class IP20 IP20 IP20
Operating temperature ( o C) -40 ... + 40 -40 ... + 40 -40 ... + 40
Overall dimensions, mm) 600 1200 1500
Guarantee period 2 years 2 years 2 years
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Features of T8 LED lamps AlwaysON Tube

The uniqueness of the product lies in the combination of very simple, and at the same time, correct decision, which did not apply to us in a single solution:

  1. The use of high-quality LED brand, these LEDs have a luminous flux of up to 130lm / W, life of up to 100.000 chasov used in the operation, the high CRI of 80 to 85;
  2. The lack of internal drivers that increases product reliability. This allowed us to virtually failsafe device to the lack of sophisticated electronics inside. The presence of each LED shunt zener diode will not allow the lamp to go out, even if one LED fails, breaking the serial LEDs chain;
  3. One universal high-quality driver that is able to manage combinations of 600mm × 4, 2 × 1200mm, 1500mm × 1, 2 × 600mm, 1 × 1200mm. This allows you to quickly integrate the solution into all existing fixtures with minimal investment. Driver characteristics meet all modern standards: a power factor greater than 0.95, more than 90% efficiency, emissions compliance with GOST interference on the network, the output voltage ripple less than 1%;
  4. Lamp housing of high quality and durable material:

Extruded aluminum housing in combination with a metal printed circuit board provide minimal resistance to heat output and provide the ideal operating mode LEDs;

Shockproof polycarbonate glass , and has excellent light transmittance, is a material highly resistant to the loss of their optical properties over time (this parameter is not inferior to other materials);

Side covers made of ABS with a rotary design of switching connectors can be used with any lamp installation option;

  1. Fast compared with counterparts integration into existing fixtures: you only need to connect all the lamps in parallel and set the power supply. Those. This is easily accomplished through the use of standard cables;
  2. Polarity is not important because of the presence of the diode bridge, integrated in the product. The solution: speeds up installation teams, preventing errors and simplifies standard lamps, because They are installed in monochromatic wire. Those. You need only look at the wiring diagram, and the polarity of the track is required.

The choice of the most favorable solution for many businesses, because existing lights can be on the balance of demand and the depreciation in the accounting framework. Thus, a huge park lamps can most effectively be transferred to the new technology without: extra paper work accounting, harmonizing bureaucratic inconsistencies and minimal means, as Staff will be able to make an electrical installation does not even removing the lamp.


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