• LED Line Lamp Tradeline
  • LED Line Lamp Tradeline
  • LED Line Lamp Tradeline
  • LED Line Lamp Tradeline
LED Line Lamp TradelineLED Line Lamp TradelineLED Line Lamp TradelineLED Line Lamp Tradeline

LED Line Lamp Tradeline

  • Product description: Universal light for commercial,industrial facilities and warehouses.

AlwaysON Tradeline

Universal LED light multipurpose AlwaysON TradeLine for commercial lighting, industrial premises, stores, logistic centers, large corridors, offices, warehouses and all objects that do not require a high level of protection from external moisture and dust impacts.

Convenient and reliable mounting system allows the connection of luminaires into continuous trunk lines.

Fixing of the luminaire is possible by hanging on the ring-screw fixing or through fixing holes in the wall or ceiling.

Aluminium profile fixture made by extrusion. High heat dissipation area of aluminum housing ensures optimum operating temperature of LEDs and electronic components.

Payback 12 months. OSRAM LEDs Aluminium case Glass Material - Polycarbonate Service Certification of the Russian Federation

Technical and economic characteristics AlwaysON Tradeline

Specification Tradeline 30W Tradeline 30W P Tradeline 50W Tradeline 50W P
Luminous Flux of LED Module,Min(LM)* 3000 3000 5000 5000
Voltage(V) 176~264v/AC    50~60Hz
Power(w) 30 30 50 50
Brand LEDs Honglitronic/Nationstar
Power factor 0.95
Temperature of light(k) 3000~6500K
Color rendering index(Ra) >80
Viewing angle 2Q1/2 120°
Protection Class IP52
Operating temperature -40~50
Size(MM) 40*50*900
Weight(g) 1000


Mounting fixture

                 Mounting ring screw                                                    Mounting brackets

                                                      The connection of luminaires in continuous lines

Features Lamp AlwaysON TradeLine

Lamp produced only from high quality materials:

  • LEDs German company Osram, a series Duris E5/S5 have a luminous efficacy up to 130lm / W, life of up to 100.000 hours while reducing the brightness to 70%;
  • aluminum body with a white powder coating that will keep perfect appearance over a long service life. The design of the luminaire is designed for hardness, to provide a high level of vandal-proof;
  • glass of micro-prismatic polycarbonate will keep the light-transmitting ability throughout life at the level of 88-92%, and the strength of the material protects against shocks LED module;
  • cover of high-quality glossy plastic of a mixture of polycarbonate can withstand harsh mechanical effects due to reinforced webbing construction allows;
  • aluminum printed circuit board of the light module with low thermal resistance for optimum thermal LED mode for smooth operation over the entire range of the declared resource;
  • Corporate power supply using components with a lifetime of up to 50,000-80,000 hours with an acceptable level of light fluctuations. Driving without feedback will allow further source of work, but with the increased fluctuations of light.

The lamp is designed to fully realize the enormous potential of the light module on the basis of German LEDs OSRAM:

  • easily collapsible design for cleaning lamp on the opportunity to accumulate dust over a long period of operation;
  • replacement power supply with auto clamp terminals in an easily accessible specialized niche. One needs only to unscrew the 2 screws and remove the wires from the terminals;
  • simple and reliable power supply circuitry with the characteristics of meeting all the requirements of GOST;
  • construction of power without the principle of feedback does not overload the main circuit components after prolonged operation (in consequence of the aging of the electrolyte in the output smoothing capacitor), and a collapsible body allows access to replace this part. This makes it possible by minimal expenses, To ensure that two or more times the extension of service supply scheme;
  • buying legkosmennyh electronic components at low prices in our company and dealers: light modules and power supplies.


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